Savolaiset Selviytyjät ry – The Savonian Survivers Registered Association (aka. “Selkkarit”)

was founded in 1993. We are an independent and local association for people who are suffering from psychiatric problems and for who are dealing with subtance abuse rehab.


The association is a member of the Finnish Central Association of Mental Health, which is the biggest association in Europe that works on mental health.


Our premises locates at the town's center, near the Kauppalinna shopping center (see the map view).


We are open

  • from Monday to Thursday, from 08:00 am to 02:00 pm
  • on Friday, from 08:00 am to 01:00 pm
  • closed on weekends, and during the Bank and weekdays holidays


Our guidelines are to:

  • promote health of members
  • improve equality of members
  • improve coping of members
  • give/offer peer support
  • help the member to find-out and to use his/hers resources and strength in rehabilitation
  • offer a place that has a low threshold to come in and take a part to our daily routins and having fun


We are well-known from our wide experience expertees and peer support. No one is left alone, we always offer help and support!


We also offer rehabilitation work experience, where you may test and try your handicraft, kitchen and cafe skills by making lunch, pastries, running the shop and cafe, and also making some wood works.


Beside of rehabilitation work experience, we do offer opportunites for work trials and wage subsidies.


In our normal week program, different kind of groups offer stimilus for body and mind. We bingo, exercise together, sing karaoke, talk spiritual issues, make some handicraft, and have a “good will day coffees” once a month.


You do not have to take a part to our weekly day routines. You may just come in, have a cup of coffee, talk with us, read the newspaper or play some board games and/or billiards.


Our subscription fee is stated yearly. This year the fee is 17,00 € and it includes our “Revanssi” -newspapper, newsletters, taking a part for trips and visits, having a lunch for 3,00 €, bying tickets to local swimming hall as 2,50 €/ticket (max. 4 tickets/member/month), and an inexpensive sewing services, and lots more.


Come and take a look – fall in love and take a part of our actions! We may have a high ramp, but a low threshold!!!